Lil Wayne Buys Miami Home With Moat-Like Entrance For $17M

The entire design for this home is to make it feel as though it is floating on water.
It begins with the pond that feels like a moat you have to cross to get to the front door—across slab steps that appear to rise up from the blue depths—and once indoors the moveable walls make it hard to tell where the outdoors starts and the indoors end. The seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom house, which sold for $16.75 million, is 10,472 square feet with 110 feet of water frontage. The picture above is a close up of the backyard to orient you into the ways of the floating concept the architect was going for.

Now that you have the idea, here is the picture of the front entrance and its same floating steps (at first glance it is hard to tell what is going on since the front door is so recessed to the background, hence the pool photo first). You also start to see the use of Ipe wood that shows up throughout the home as an accent piece.

Architect Choeff Levy Fischman designed not only this project but also Lil Wayne’s previous Miami home on La Gorce Circle that sold in June of last year for $10 million. This time around Lil Wayne has chosen a more remote location: the bridge-accessible Allison Island, which is an 8.5-acre island off of Miami Beach. It sits right in the middle of the waterway that leads to Biscayne Bay and then the ocean.

Inside the house is an open-air atrium with two 20-foot “living walls” of vegetation that thrive in the tropical sub-climate of Allison Island. It also provides a way to hang out outside but have some privacy if the paparazzi have rented a boat to circle the island, pretending to be tourists while trying to take pictures.

But since this is south Florida there’s really no need for doors (though there are sliding glass doors if you do want to close off the space). For more proof of bringing the outdoors in here’s the dining room that almost feels like you’re eating outside.

The entire backside of the house shows more of the floating feel to the design, and one of the bedrooms features walls that barely have to be there so you can feel like you’re hanging out in the clouds.

The house also comes with a three-car garage suite, home theater, auxiliary kitchen, commercial-grade elevator, fireplace, cabana pool house with outdoor kitchen and bathroom and a pool.