In the spirit of collaboration

To Ralph Choeff, 224 Bal Bay Drive was a standout property. That was proven when it sold for what the designer said was a record-breaking $24 million – less than five months after it hit the market.

The home’s design is architecturally unique and much different from most other “traditional” residences in Bal Harbour, he said.

224 Bal Bay was designed for Michael Polsky, CEO of Invenergy, one of the world’s leading sustainable energy solutions corporations. This significantly influenced Choeff’s design. In addition to the visual appeal of the home’s architecture and design, the team incorporated green features to improve energy consumption. The home features a solar panel-ready roof with designated equipment areas. Choeff also incorporated a reflective white roof for diminished heat gain, as well as extensive roof overhangs for minimal solar heat gain.

To Choeff, success comes by listening to clients’ needs. They come to his firm because they appreciate the tropical modern elements of the firm’s style, combined with indoor-outdoor living, he said.

The proof is in the design. The cantilevered elements add to the structure’s edgy design. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone, combined with the contemporary architecture give the residence a warm, yet modern, look. The use of sustainable architecture was also incorporated into the design.

This design promotes indoor-outdoor living connecting one with the setting.

“Our team is focused on the same design goals,” Choeff said. “We run our office like a workshop, where everyone gets input and the client gets the benefit of many minds and complete collaboration. We took great advantage of the views, as well as mixed in the outdoor elements to be in harmony with the indoor elements. The final result keeps with the client’s program.”