22 Stunning Pool Design Ideas Approved by AD

The need for pool design ideas is plenty: What could be more enticing in summer than a swimming pool rippling gently in the afternoon breeze? Especially when the enduring allure of a pool, with its offer as a cool and inviting respite from heat, couldn’t be more simple or pure. And while every pool is refreshing, a well-designed one can also bring drama and elegance to the landscape. Still, there’s plenty of options to choose from—in-ground, above-ground, lap, infinity, just to name a few—so how do you know what’s best? Here, we round up 22 magnificent pool design ideas published in print and on our website to help inspire the next time you’re eager to kick off your sandals, dive in, and play.

A Serene Florida Escape

Alex Rodriguez certainly knows a thing or two about knocking it out of the park. After all, the longtime New York Yankees star has racked up some 690 career home runs. (No wonder he’s now the baseball team’s designated hitter.) Still, his latest success—and by all means let’s call it swinging—just might be off the field, in a low-key South Florida enclave. There the athlete known as A-Rod has created a stunning home for himself and his daughters, Natasha and Ella, as well as his impressive art collection. That the sports legend is a discerning aesthete might surprise some fans. The man has an arm; it turns out he also has an eye.

Looking for privacy, the sports star purchased a one-and-a-half-acre parcel in Coral Gables, Florida, in 2013, and enlisted architects Ralph Choeff and Paul Fischman in addition to interior decorator Briggs Edward Solomon—the three locally based talents had worked on the hitter’s other residences—to design a house. As much as the home is a showcase for creativity, it’s also an ideal gathering spot, with a screening room, lounge, and indoor basketball court. Window walls can retract to open the living spaces to the sprawling yard, which boasts a swimming pool, a freestanding bar pavilion, and an in-ground trampoline. The latter especially is a crowd-pleaser. (Just ask Natasha and Ella.)

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